Hi There,

I am Priyanka, the face behind this blog! I pen down my closer observations in life with a curious heart and an even more curious mind. This blog is my first attempt to publish my curious love to food, travel, lifestyle and fashion.

A digital enthusiast by profession, i have spent major parts of my life in digital advertising. Numbers, revenue, profit and loss charts have pretty much influenced my life but then it is my interest in connecting with the audience that has drove me to this new little project of my own – The Curious Love !!

Insane foodie that i am, i love to discover new places to hog, cause the love for food is the purest form of love (i believe ). My experiments with cooking has taught me that sometimes the trial and error methods do lead to major learning and satisfaction in life. My recipes are a major reflection to learn- unlearn- learn philosophy ! A journey of diving in to the most famous recipes to the most simple ones, healthy DIYs to rich platters of divine luxurious flavors, lazy 10 min procedures to slow nurturing taste elements, this blog is a total contrast of nothing but.. delicacy !

Make up junkie by nature, i have always been subtle about my curious love to fashion and beauty. Now i take much pride in going ahead and flaunting (literally) my pieces and thoughts on fashion and lifestyle. The trend here is not what is already set, but the one that i experiment in my daily life, be it art, abstract  or even for that matter the basics.

My intense love to capture moments makes me an amateur photographer who wants to  discover more of  what lies ahead in life ! Join me in my travel stories where i show you the most vibrant and exotic experiences to be explored.

Much said, lets discover the curiosities of life and love together 🙂


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