Kesar Khova Lassi

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I am totally in love with the Khova Sweet Lassi !! One of the most relished drinks from North India, this continues to be a local favorite for a large number of Indians. Served best with any type of Indian food, lassi is a must have in almost 70 % of the Indian household !!

This is my favorite and extremely different from the commercial lassi you get outside. Anytime you need relief from the scorching heat and popping soda bottles doesn’t help, then make yourself this refreshing natural drink that not only soothes you but also adds value to your health πŸ™‚

Have 10 minutes to spare ?? Then lets get together to make this one. In minutes you will be tasting one of the finest lassis made the most easy way out πŸ˜‰

Estimated Time : Approx 10 min

Ingredients :-

  • 100 gms of condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup of milk powder
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/3 cup of sugar ( you can adjust it according to your taste )
  • 1 tbsp of ghee/ clarified butter
  • 200 gms of curd
  • a handful of dry fruits ( optional)
  • few strands of saffron

The Process :-

Lets start with collecting all our ingredients together πŸ™‚ Please note these measurements serve 2 glasses of lassi

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Our recipe today has two major parts – khova + lassi. So lets get done with the making of khova first. By the time it is done and cools down, we will be ready with the lassi πŸ˜‰

Pour the ghee/ clarified butter in a pan at the lowest flame. Heat it for few seconds till it melts. Now add the condensed milk and stir. Mix it well for few seconds and keep stirring lest it gets heated and sticks to the pan

Once the condensed milk mixes completely with the ghee/ clarified butter, add the milk powder. Mix well for about a minute or two

Once the mixture is uniform ( continuous stirring leads to no lumps) . The mixture will dry in a matter of time and will becomes dry like this in the pic below. You can also add some fresh cream/ milk but this is totally optional

The khova is ready. Leave it to cool till it hardens. Once hard enough, you can break it into small fragments and keep it aside to add to the lassi later

Now lets make the lassi !!

Take a bowl and pour in the curd and sugar. Take a manual hand blender and mix the sugar and curd well for two minutes. You can do this by placing the blender between your palms and gently rotating the same in clockwise and anticlockwise directions respectively. You can use a grinder or a hand blender machine too.

Add the water and mix for a minute again. The sugar will completely dissolve and you will get a thick uniform creamy mixture with a frothy layer on the top as shown int the pic below

Now empty the lassi in glasses

Garnish it with the khova and dry fruits. I have also added saffron strands just to add some color and flavour πŸ™‚

CHEERS !! Your kesar khova lassi is ready to sip πŸ™‚ You can store it in the fridge for later or add ice cubes and chill πŸ˜›

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Hey Guys !!

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