Vinny’s (Blr )


  • Introduction

Vinny’s has many outlets in Bangalore. I have come across so many reviews about this one off lately so I thought I shouldn’t miss this once. Cause googling it made me wonder if they do serve authentic Italian dishes at such price or not ??? I was curious ( and so why my blog is named so) so I went ahead with it for a dinner spree.

  • Ambiance

The place has good dining facilities and is particularly situated away from the main streets. The place is pretty bright and has modern decor that pleases the eyes. Has huge space and seating availability. Good music ( if at all you are into the classic numbers playing while eating ). It’s a quiet place that give you that quiet well maintained ambiance.

  • Audience

I didn’t personally see any crowd and the place was pretty much left to us. Ya I did see a bunch of professional women who had just come over after work to chill so I guess it’s a good place to just be at ease !

  • Cuisine

Particularly Italian food. You have a lot of combo options from the menu that is cost effective and you can mix and match your preferences. So pizza, pasta, desserts, smoothies and cold drinks all is available in the menu.

  • Cost

Not that expensive. Affordable. Average cost for 2 people should range anywhere from Rs 400 – 800 /- . In fact since I was trying most of the dishes which comprised of a lasagna, pasta, pizza, dessert and starters the bill came up to Rs 899/-

  • Service

Good service. There are way too many staffs to take care of people around.

  • Food

The starters were good, particularly the fries. The dessert, pizza and lasagna were good too. But I honestly didn’t like the mix sauce pasta I ordered. It was not what I was expecting since I always order it in all the Italian restaurants I have tried. So in terms of authenticity in taste, it  is not 100 % but not so far from it too. With respect to money and quantity, food was good enough.

  • My Verdict

Taste: 7/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Monetary Value: 8/10

  • Recommendations

If you are looking for a decent place to chill out with not so over boarding price, with good quantity you can go ahead with it! The experience was good enough !Overall verdict counts to 7/10 !!!

*Disclaimer: The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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