Berry’d Alive ( Blr )


  • Introduction

Any place that comes in mind when you think of dessert? Berry’d Alive is always going to be  one among them for years now. Introduced to this one by a close friend when I just move to Bangalore years back, it made me much happier visiting there once and for all ! And when I was so addicted to their Indiranagar outlet I wondered if they could open one in Koramangala and wola ! they did J This place is your perfect place if you too believe that a dessert can be much more than sweets or ice creams..that once in a while its actually good to taste something more than just the overrated chocolate and its flavors! You can definitely come along and choose from these wide varieties of desserts to drool at ( literally )

  • Ambiance

It’s a small cute place which I guess they have recently revamped. Bright and colourful interiors and modern lights give you the right vibes. Just the kind of place you would want to hang around for a quiet sweet after party talks or just a sudden craving that pulls you out of your houses in your pajamas 😛 Just a casual arrangement but that makes you comfortable.

  • Audience

I have seen more of kids coming in along with families. I have seen the group that partied late too. And I have seen the mushy couples who want to dig in sweet cravings and sweet talks. The crows I good and no mad rush, definitely a place for everyone.

  • Cuisine

Desserts ! scream it loud for all kinds of parfait, cheesecakes, ice cream or drinks etc etc…

  • Cost

Affordable ! Average cost of 1 item around 130- 170/- Rs approx.. Average cost for 2 people could be anywhere around Rs 300 – 500 /- Worth the taste.

  • Service

Welcoming !! God service and good staff.

  • Food

Like I said earlier, one spot for all varieties. I have tried most of the items here and they are all amazing ! Ya at times to be honest sometimes all items might not be available but then in terms of taste, I would say they are good enough !The hazelnut creme pot and chocolate wantons are my favorite.

  • My Verdict

Taste: 8/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Monetary Value: 8/10

  • Recommendations

If you binge on desserts just as passionately as you would on your main course do give it a try ! Overall verdict counts to 7/10 !!!


*Disclaimer: The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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