Toscano (Orion Mall, Blr )

  • 13782140_10210519989105202_8797314093688032831_nIntroduction

The perfect place to sit beside a lake outdoors and enjoy the sunset with the light breeze of Bangalore ? Then this is the place for you ! All in all a beautiful combination of good food and awesome ambiance for a perfect date or an awesome occasion to celebrate J

  • Ambiance

I have dined in all the branches of Toscano but this one is my favorite. Just the charm of this place makes me travel all the way from one part of the city to another, just for the experience of it ! A dim candle light, the green interiors and perfect fine dine environment puts you so much to ease !

  • Audience

The audience here seem to be gelling perfect with a mix of couples, families and friends. A perfect place to hang out and chill for a while for all kinds of people

  • Cuisine

Particularly Italian cuisine that I love love love !! Everything in that menu is worth a try definitely. You can also choose from the wide varieties of drinks and what goes perfect with the course is of course a glass of wine J

  • Cost

A little expensive I must say. We ordered a sangria, a pizza, pasta, a starter, beer and a dessert to go along with all that. The bill was approx. Rs 2800/-. But I can assure you it’s all worth the price you pay J

  • Service

Very attentive staffs and very welcoming. Service was pretty fast too. No complains what so ever with the people and the services there.

  • Food

Amazing !! One word Amazing !! Right from the presentation of food that literally makes you happy at the glance to the taste. I loved it. The authentic tastes are so well maintained I cpuld not even give it a second thought at all! The wood burn pizza was so good and the texture of the dessert and the balanced sweetness just awesome! I have really loved the food here.

  • My Verdict

Taste: 9/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Monetary Value: 9/10

  • Recommendations

Definitely give it a try ! If you have tried the Toscano in other places and yet to go to this one, please do  J Overall verdict counts to 8/10 !!!

*Disclaimer: The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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