Red Fork (Blr )

  • Introduction

Parsi cuisine is a totally new thing for me! Hence the curiosity to know more about it. I personally have tried cooking few of these cuisines (can check my blog site and Instagram fro same ). So Bangalore is blessed with a few Parsi outlets and it was just out of recommendations via friends, I decided to visit Red Fork in Indiranagar. Had heard a lot but I think I have my own personal reviews below which might be a little different.

  • Ambiance

A good fine dine place. Amazing ambiance for the fact that that we have an option to eat outdoor as well as indoor, makes it good enough! With respect to the interiors, this place gives a good vibe.

  • Audience

The place is crowded most of the times. I would suggest booking the table before the going. The audience is good fair mix of students, bachelors and families. Good place for a good quiet dine in.

  • Cuisine

Parsi Cuisine. A lot of traditional Parsi dishes to choose from. Has options for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals with respect to meal according to the menu.

  • Cost

Definitely on the expensive side ! The cost for two people could be anywhere from Rs 1000-2000/- Owing to the fine dine arrangements the cost of dishes are slightly costlier.We ordered 3 dishes and the bill was close to what mentioned before.

  • Service

I would like to call it decent but then frankly a little slow service. The time taken for the food to come was little longer than expected.

  • Food

Like I said before, I have been personally into Parsi food cooking and there are certain items in the menu that I had much expectations from. The food was good but somehow I was not very convinced on the expected taste. The presentation of food no doubt was impressive but the it kinda lacked the authentic taste and I don’t think that fusion was one of the concepts here that I was aware of !

So the food looks soo good but the taste might not be as great !

But what was perfect was the meringue served along with the bill. I mean forget about the main course I could come back here anytime for these: P

  • My Verdict

Taste: 6/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Monetary Value: 6/10

  • Recommendations

I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for value on money. However you can visit the place and decide on your own. In case you are new to this cuisine, chances are it might fare well ( well maybe )  Overall verdict counts to 6/10 !!!

*Disclaimer: The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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