Green Onion ( Brigade Road, Blr)

  • Introduction

Came to Brigade road and the mad rush at the restaurants kept you from waiting? Or that entire expensive fine dines in the row burning a hole in the pocket?? Looking for good food at restrictive budget? Come to this place which serves good Chinese food at much affordable cost. This place that has been there for quite some time and just on the main roads, is the go to place!

  • Ambiance

To be honest not exactly a fine dine place but then the sitting arrangements are perfectly decent for casual dining. The place can accommodate as many as approx. 30-35 people on a stretch if I have calculated correct!

  • Audience

If you are planning to come on a weekend be prepared to find the rush! Instead on a weekday you can expect some seats. However I have never found this place completely vacant anytime. The crowd has all sets of people – students, family, couples and even huge bunch of people.

  • Cuisine

Chinese. Anything on a typical Chinese menu, you will find it here. A huge list of options on the ala carte menu to choose from.

  • Cost

Being affordable is the USP of this place. We ordered 1 plate steamed chicken momo, 1plate butter garlic chowmein, 1 plate chicken lollipop, 1 creamy mushroom soup and 1 mineral water bottle and the bill was just 550 Rs/- !!!! Extremely cost effective!!

  • Service

Quite attentive staff even on crowded times. If you have any slight variations to the menu you can mention them and they do make it a point to customize a little! Well but to be honest I had this one incident where the demonetization had just struck in and we were out of cash and their card machine out of service and no Paytm account. One of the attendants was so adamant of paying by cash after literally explaining for almost half an hour and waiting for him to respond. In a while however the manager came in and asked us to leave and pay the next day at convenience. So that was the only incident that makes a lil sour but then to sum up the problem was resolved at our convenience and you do have one of those staffs who don’t care and can’t blame the restaurant completely for this though!

  • Food

I don’t know we can have different perspectives on this, but this place is my favorite when it comes to taste! The sweet, tangy and spicy flavors as per the menu are perfect for me. As I earlier said you can make few variations to taste as well. One of the bestselling items is the chicken lollipop. You gotta try that. Also you can understand the demand for food here by the fact that if you are showing up late at evening the momos will be over (they are sold out)

  • My Verdict

Taste: 8/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Monetary Value: 9/10

  • Recommendations

Definitely give it a try! I am hoping you won’t dislike it J Overall verdict counts to 8/10 !!!



*Ddisclaimer : The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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