NH8 – Bangalore




  • Introduction

Heard a lot about this place for being affordable and delicious at the same, I planned to visit NH8 this week. Located in the Indranagar, it completely drifts form the regular genre of pubs and loud music which highly dominate this area.This restaurant primarily highlights the culture, cuisine and traditions of Rajasthan.

  • Ambience

The place seems to be calm with a traditional folk music playing in the background. Right from the entrance, the place was colorful and vibrant. The decor and designs reflected the tradition really well.

  • Audience

I was amused at the fact that at a prime time of around 9 PM , i did not exactly find the rush. The place basically comprised of families and working professionals. I did notice that it was a pretty famous choice for celebrating occasions in groups (birthdays/small gatherings).

  • Cuisine

Typically Rajasathani Vegitarian Thalis (Unlimited)

  • Cost

Rs 760/- INR  average cost for two people (varies over weekends where the cost is little higher)

  • Service

Extremely good service, highly attentive and caring

  • Food

The food is delicious but a little on the spicy end (sorry but I have more bland taste buds). If you are a fan of this cuisine then it is definitely a must go for you. However, the items served were preferably better compared to other outlets of the same kind. My personal favourites are the bajra roti with jaggery and the traditional jeera khichdi. The sweets were without doubt the main centre of attraction, awesome taste and that rich creamy malai sweet and shrikhand was/ is my personal favourite. I will remember this place for the sweets I guess 😛

  • My Verdict
  1. Taste : 7/10
  2. Ambiance : 7/10
  3. Service : 8/10
  4. Monetary Value : 8/10
  • Recommendations

Definitely should try once, it’s a pretty decent place and I am sure you will like it. Overall verdict counts to 7/10 !!!


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*Disclaimer : The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences 


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