Sri Sarvana Bhavan

  • Introduction

One of the good authentic south Indian restaurants in Bangalore! Been there for so long and probably been on the good books of few of the foodies I have known. Guess I just had to try it for myself for real and see if it could beat my all-time favorite south Indian cuisine stops. Well wasn’t disappointing i would say, but I’d still stick to my other favorite for now.


  • Ambiance

Rush ! Rush ! Rush !! Just too much rush too crowded. I personally found it very difficult to adjust to the seating areas, it was way too small and congested. Probably if you think on getting a pick up, that certainly sounds better. Way better! It has a small open serving/ kitchen and there might be chances you land up sharing tables like I did (which i might be a little to). Also it has a small teas stall outside so in case you planned on grabbing a quick bite outside along with a cup of tea, its perfect !


  • Audience

I saw a lot of bachelors hitting this place (probably struggling to get the brunch on a weekend :P). A family restaurant too with people of all ages came over. What was even more surprising was that the north Indian crowd was definitely more than the localities, which lets me think it is a quite famous one among them 🙂


  • Cuisine

South Indian – everything from Idlis to dosai, authentic chutneys, poori bhajis and vadas, pongal to tea, and to my surprise i also got my hands on my favorite iddiyappams with sweet coconut milk (which is usually unavailable after a certain time slot in most places) !!So on the menu, you will get a wide variety of this cuisine, no doubt to that .


  • Cost

Oh don’t even try giving it a 2nd thought please, this is the most affordable place (no wonder i see so many bachelors here ~JK). We ordered 3 idlis, 2 masala dosas, 1 vada, iddiyappam with coconut milk and a bottle  of water and the bill was just Rs 175/- INR (shocked!!). Absolutely low on cost compared to the food served.


  • Service

What was amusing was that in spite of such crowd, the attention to every customer was undivided. They will make sure you are attended to for all things; unlike other places they also prefer keeping unlimited chutneys on each table for the customer’s convenience on taking that extra quantity.


  • Food

The food was good! Fresh and simple flavors, served decently hot and combined with options of sides, the flavors were minimal yet tasty, just like home!


  • My Verdict

Taste: 8/10

Ambiance: 5/10

Service: 8/10

Monetary Value: 9/10


  • Recommendations

Definitely should try once, it’s a pretty decent place and I am sure you will like it. Apart from the sitting area issues, i don’t think there is much id point out for the cons. Overall verdict counts to 8/10 !!!


*Disclaimer: The opinions are totally personal and may vary with individual choices and preferences

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